• Great looking and easy to use

    The filters look really great and very stylish. I hadn't really used NPR in ZBrush before as a beginner-intermediate user but they came with very helpful instructions. Will complement my Illustration drawing skills nicely.

  • Incredible!

    These take your model and make the design shine brilliantly! Great for clients who often need a more simplified view of a design. Bringing them into a sketch version really helps plus all of the other filters just look awesome!

  • Great pack!

    I'm really enjoying experimenting with this pack. I love that it consists of textures/brushes that are meant to be used creatively and in layers. They are a starting point, with endless possibilities, combinations and ways of using them.

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New Resource!

The Plasticine Smart Materials is a small library of 20 smart materials for Adobe 3D Painter to recreate the look and feel of plasticine in 3D. The resources in this mini-pack are pretty simple but totally customizable so you would be able to change the plasticine types very easily when texturing.

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The idea behind any of thebrushes packs, is to help you speed up workflows and discover new ways to detail and refine your ZBrush sculpts. Keep in mind that the effects of some brushes can easily be tweaked to fit other type of details.

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Ebook guides!

This collection of free eBooks is among the very first Guides and tutorials that gave life to the ZBrushGuides website. Their content is still totally relevant and you can dive deeper into very specific workflows!

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