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The Multi-Eye ZTool

The Multi-Eye ZTool

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This ZTool has been updated and you'll need ZBrush 2022 or later to load the eye tool.

The Multi-Eye ZTool is a ZBrush Tool, build with a very simple technique that allows you to change sculpted and painted details to quickly create different types of eyes for your characters and creatures.

What’s included:

You'll get a .RAR file that Includes:

  • One page PDF with a quick guide to set up the project
  • The Multi-Eye ZTool
  • A Reference video guide in HD (720)
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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

The Multi-Eye ZTool

Kendall Kelly
Solid tool!

It's great for a quick eye, or base mesh for one! Wish the pupil normals weren't flipped tho, and more eye colors would make it more versatile. Overall really like it tho!

Sean Forsyth

Transparency didn't work with the latest version of ZBrush

abdullah karasoy

very descriptive and informative

Ryan K.

One of the most useful tools (and materials) that I’ve ever seen packed into an easy-to-use z tool!

All you need is to understand how layers work, and you will be able to not only create whatever kind of eyeball you want with extreme ease, but you could also add a layer or two of your own to make a reptilian shaped Iris / etc…. Which I did!

This is great fun to use and the materials for the reflections are top - notch!